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Welcome! My name is Sean McElhiney. I am an award-winning broadcaster and writer. On Writing Itself I talk with writers about what compels them to put words on the page. We delve into those heady times when a story seems to be writing itself, but mostly we talk about the process of writing itself!



Writing Itself offers proof that although you work by yourself, you are not alone. The Writing Itself podcast lets you in on the secrets of other writers! Perhaps what motivates them will motivate you.

” Let’s talk! Whether you’re a novice or a successful scribe, I want to learn about your process. Novelists, screenwriters, playwrights, memoirists, short story writers, and poets of all skill and success levels are welcome to join the conversation. What compels you to write? I look forward to chatting with you!”



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21 JAN 2020 | Writing Itself International.

My schedule will soon start returning to something approaching normal and I will post more here for the few of you who read these words. I call this a blog, but it’s really a journal—a place for me to blab. GoDaddy, the company that provides me this space (for a nifty sum) offers a blog […]

5 JAN 2020 | If all goes as planned.

A new year, 52 new episodes of Writing Itself coming up… if all goes as planned. The plan is to secure at least an interview a week in 2020. First up is Robert Daylin Brown, a professor of English at San Bernadino Valley College in Southern California who aspires to publish works in as many […]

23 DEC 2019 | Happy Holidays!

Two years ago on Christmas, my muse bought me a podcast starter kit from Behringer, which included a microphone and a wee mixing board. I subsequently added a sound guard thingy and some windscreens, i.e. microphone condoms. Two years later, I’m actually doing something with said equipment.  Today I posted Episode 16 of Writing Itself […]

3 DEC 2019 | Like masturbation.

I swapped out the Hemingway quote on my homepage today. I don’t think it was serving any purpose there, really, and I think it’s better that I get some idea into the heads of first-time visitors of what the podcast is really about. Writing Itself is an ongoing conversation with writers.I haven’t found a better way […]

30 NOV 2019 | My muse is unwell.

My muse has been unwell, and I have had a cold. Since my broadcasting days my wife has been uncomfortable being included in my rants. I mentioned her by name a few times when I hosted my morning show in New Hampshire and she asked that I not. When I started the podcast, she told […]

18 NOV 2019 | Writing Itself; Reading Itself.

I am posting a new episode this morning and have recorded my interview for the last week of November.  This week’s guest is the writer, editor, and anthologist Bill Amatneek, whose collection Heart of a Man – Men’s Stories for Women, is due to be published on Valentine’s Day this coming February. The following Monday I […]